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Oct. 3, 1989- Feb. 26, 2008

Fuzzy is gone now, but he knows how much we loved him and  how much we'll miss him.
He was my constant companion for over 18 years.
 He gave me his total devotion, and unconditional love
Peace Fuzzy, I love you!

He's 16 years old, very snoopy and has to have his nose into everything !
He thinks he has to 'help' me with everything, including the laundry and dusting. The end result is that he's always underfoot and in the way. When I leave he comes to the door to say "good-bye" and when I get back home, he's there at the door waiting for me. He seems to be able to tell time, because he starts yelling at me about 15 min. before bedtime, and he's there in the morning about 15 min. before the alarm clock goes off to kiss my eyelashes and wake me up. I have never had a cat that thinks more like a little kid than he does. He's also the most loyal pet I've ever had. He's always close by, under my chair the computer, or beside me on the couch. He's never far away from me. He even waits outside my shower door for me in the mornings.

One year later, at age 17!

Sadly, Fuzzy is blind now, he lost his sight in May of 2006, but it doesn't keep him from getting around, playing with his toys, and sleeping with me every night. He knows where everything is, and manages quite well.

His memory is good, and he might make a wrong turn, or bump into a wall now and then, but he still manages to find his toys and play a little each day. 

What a cat, one in a million!


Fuzzy and a lizard                         Fuzzy at sunrise                  Fuzzy and 'Big Bird'

    he plays in the dryer
 He tries to be a decortation                        Just relaxing
       Helping with the laundry

REALLY relaxing

"I am the King"

His hobby had been to watch the lizards and the birds. These huge birds didn't intimidate him in the least. It's the lizards that drew most of his attention. Occasionally he'd catch one and bring it to me. Not hurt in the least. Tail hanging out one side of his mouth, head hanging out the other side. He'll drop it at my feet so I could put it back outside where it belongs. Well, this is in the past now, because he can't see the lizards any more, but  I left this part in because it's the way it was.

He liked to explore outside, inside the pool enclosure. He'd never been outside in all of his 16 years, and this was a new experience for him. He almost fell over on his back the first time he watched a bird fly over his head. I must say though, that this was the Bald Eagle he saw that day.

Also, we don't dare let him out by the pool any more, because he has lost his sight, there is the danger he could fall into the pool.

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